May is Arthritis Awareness Month!

Most of you might not know that I suffer from crippling flare ups from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve had it as long as I remember. After many years of traveling the globe, I retired from Laura Mercier cosmetics and I was scared and sad and in so much pain. In the competitive world of corporate cosmetics, I found myself unavailable to travel and keep up my workload. After a chance meeting with one of the top salons in Houston, I began my residency as the head makeup artist there. I loved seeing my clients and grow my clientele but that all came to a sudden end one stressful Christmas week in the salon. I woke up one day with swollen knees so bad I could no longer stand or bend. A client insisted that I see her doctor and the rest is history. I began to learn about this illness and went through all of the emotions. Relieved I had a name for what I was feeling I quickly looked at my RA as a blessing in disguise.

I joined the Arthritis Foundation events committee and became a voice for young people and try to help young girls to understand the emotions that come with having a desease that most people misunderstand as an old persons desease and why sometimes it’s okay to be depressed and why people my not understanding why you may look beautiful and healthy on the outside your desease is fighting you from the inside. It’s important for me to share that although it’s hard to get a flare up under control and manage the pain, to always remember that arthritis doesn’t define who you are and you can do anything you set your mind to. I hope you can join me in the WALK TO CURE ARTHRITIS HOUSTON MAY 20. We meet at 8 am for check-in, warmups and breakfast tacos with coffee! There also will be a Dog Zone where you can grab a doggie treat and some water and also get a glitter body tattoo for a small donation before the walk. Team Lucky Cat Beauty will meet there and hit the road on a beautiful stroll down the bayou starting at the Wortham downtown. Hope to see you there! Love, Aubrie Join or Donate HERE #WTCAHou #championofYES #chronicallyawesome

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