Do Your Face a Favor

Our Lucky Cat beauty, Blaine Ochoa recently had the opportunity to travel to The BrowGal studio based in Los Angeles, California and meet with the founder and owner of The BrowGal, Tonya Crooks. Tonya is a prominent and sought after brow artist in LA, she is internationally recognized and a leading leading brow expert in the beauty industry. Tonya has worked with a variety of celebrities clients, including Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, and Britney Spears. Tonya’s art consists of tweezing and waxing to shape the brow into a unique natural brow shape that is perfectly designed to the clients’ face. Followed by filling in with a variety of color shade matching makeup pencils and eyebrow gel to give you the most perfect eyebrow.

Lucky Cat Beauty is the only makeup company in Houston, Texas to carry The BrowGal products.

We asked Blaine how her experience went and she said, “It was the most fun experience i’ve had ever had while getting my eyebrows done, and my eyebrows looked absolutely fabulous!” The studio has an urban retro-glam feel to it and is very welcoming. The words, “do your face a favor” is lit up in pink along the back wall. Tonya has a special talent for sculpting each person’s eyebrows uniquely to their face, adding definition and style, and creating a flawless finish.

Blaine is getting ready to compete for the title of Miss Texas USA 2018, and is representing the Bay Area community. Thank you, Tonya and the BrowGal team for making Blaine’s brows perfect! Here are some photos from Blaine’s experience!

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