Did we really need another nail blog, YES!


I have been a lover, ok, let’s be real I’m obsessed with all things beauty. I definitely can thank my Grandma for being the epitome, to me, of fashion and beauty. Her red nails, red hair, her favorite go to red lipstick, and fashion really spoke to me on a deep level. My Mom was gracious enough to let me go through all her crazy jewelry and select items that I wanted, her huge gold-plated Elephant necklace, that she wore with her Emerald Green Jumper and black pumps; moves me every-time I look at it.

She always did our hair when we would visit, and she always let me polish my nails, RED. I think at that young age, is when the obsession for nails and beauty began.

I have been a Licensed Nail Artist for 12 years! Time has flown by, but throughout the first decade, we saw the nail industry grow at a faster rate than the hair industry. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. It amazes me when a client brings an idea or new thing out to me that I haven’t seen yet. Every country is at a different rate of what’s being introduced, every coast is doing something different, and your location really plays a part in what’s popular and where it may be going next. Milan may predict the colors for the following year, but it takes that first Nail Artist to take lead on where the nail trend will be going for that same year.

I know, another nail blog, how will I be different then all the others. Well, for starters, I’m Licensed in the industry. Many nail bloggers are not licensed, they are giving out advice and misinforming the public in a huge way. I didn’t go to YouTube School and study at Pinterest University; I went to Troutman’s College of Manicuring in 2006 (sadly they have since closed) and I also am a licensed Instructor and hold a Podiatry Assistant Certificate to Offer Medical Grade Manicures and Pedicures.

So let’s have fun on this journey, my goal is to bring it back to Industry Standard and move ahead from there. We will discuss what to look for in a salon, how things should be done, what’s trending in our Artist world and have fun with it all. I’m very sarcastic, I’m funny, I might even offend you, but it really all comes from the soul.



The Nail Society

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