Keep the faith…

I’ve seen a trend the recent years of Nail Artists and our industry getting a bad reputation because of actions of others. I feel like this goes hand in hand with the other blog post of What to look for in a Salon. However, those are just the basics!

I know so many artists out there that go above beyond what is required of them in terms of sanitation and taking great care for each client that sits in their chair. We all have gone to different Manicuring schools, live in different states, and have chosen our own direction of what continuing education classes are important to us.

What drives me to be the Nail Artist that I am is my passion for the service and my relationship that I build with each client. You all become an extension of our families. We laugh, cry, joke and even yes, I’ve prayed with clients before. We might for some, remember when they started dating their now husbands, wives, or partners. I’ve even been the first one to be told of your pregnancy!

We see you grow, just as we grow along with you. We spend but maybe 2 hours together each month, but it feels like it’s an afternoon, full of whiskey and wine. I cherish my time with my clients just as I know so many out there do.

We also experience the dirty side of life, see struggles in others that they don’t see themselves. Divorce, sickness, loss, change and having to say goodbye. Not everyone gets to have this connection with their Artist. I ask you to keep the faith in us, keep searching for “the one”. We are here, waiting for you!

I don’t believe that you will get this connection in what I call “drive-thru” salons. Their goal seems to be get you get you out. However, that doesn’t mean when you sit in that chair the nail artist who may be quiet and not speak to you; doesn’t have your best interest in mind. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about your safety, being comfortable, and receiving the best service they can give you.

I grow everyday as a person in my personal life, as a business owner, and as a Nail Artist. I strive to do the very best that I possibly can.

Keep the faith in us, because I, amongst so many, love what we do.



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The Nail Society

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