I know all of you have heard so many times,

“I can go down the street, and pay $40.00 for a Mani + Pedi, and the place is just as nice…”

“Ok, then go there…?!?”

We loathe this reaction when someone asks for a price list. We can’t control how much people make, what their budget is, or what their opinion is on pricing. What we can control though is educating them on the difference. It’s not, and don’t ever let it be, a justification to what you charge. For Nail Artists, we need like 5,000 supplies to do our job.

We regularly invest in our business to better serve our clients. Manufacturers of our products can even tell you how many full sets you can do in a single container, divide that out by how much you paid, to know your cost per service. Some products you don’t get a ton of use out of, but have a high price tag. If you’re following state rules, you’re throwing away nail files, pedi slippers, etc; those products add up. Towels, laundry, rent, marketing materials and necessities all add up.

If you educate the client on what your using, how you’re different, and they don’t see the value. They aren’t the client for you, is that harsh, yes, but you shouldn’t have to justify the cost. Compare it to something simple like gas stations, they all have different pricing. Chevron here is regularly a lot more expensive then H.E.B…but the gas stations are equally busy. Each customer sees a value in different places they patron. It might be convenience, location, the set-up, what side of the street it’s on.

Who knows, so with you, clients who keep coming back is because they see your value. It could be you let them speak the whole time and you faithfully listen and offer up advice. You hug them when they leave, I love giving my clients hugs. It makes my day to make them happy and humans are happy getting and receiving hugs. Well atleast I think they are, I’ve never had a client cringe or walk away feeling violated..or maybe there was that one time…Anways, I have a client that comes to me because I sent her a thank you card for coming in, and she said to herself “I have never received anything like that, she’s my girl.”

That makes me feel good, that what I’m doing, what I’m providing has value. So charge what you’re worth, and don’t apologize for it.



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The Nail Society

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