Time flies…

Don’t you hate those days when nothing goes right?

We all have off days, we get behind and don’t know how; and it literally messes up the rest of the day. There are times though when we know why we run behind. We were late to work, our stations weren’t up to par, more talky and less worky, client came in late. No matter the reason we have to manage our time.

I used to work in a spa, and you work along side others and might have a group coming in, or your by yourself with one client but the next one is a couple and we need to be together. My biggest pet peeve is people not managing their time. When we run behind, it not only messes our day up but you could be messing up the clients day as well. They make the appointment, knowing the time allotted and might be planning on something afterwards, picking their rug rats from school, Drs appt, airport pick up…doesn’t matter. Point is if you want your time to be respected, respect your clients time as well.

If you’re a talker then pad yourself extra time by advertising a longer service time, you’ll realize very quickly how many more clients you can take in a day by learning to shut your trap when it’s necessary. If you have a client that’s always late – you need to talk with them about it. If you’re on your own, booth renting or own a space, guess what; it behooves you and your staff to not let it continue.

Running a business has its ups and downs, and having those talks is apart of it. Sending out passive aggressive posts, emails, and not abiding by your cancellation or late policy only shoots yourself in the foot. You created the policy for this reason, time being respected, follow through.

What about no-shows?

I remember a long time ago this girl not showing up for her appointment because she was making pancakes. Yeah, it was fun to then call her ” pancake girl”…but the constant no showing affected multiple people, and the business. No showing is disrespectful to you, your time, staff and business. If they won’t take you seriously, then bye Felicia. You could have booked that client that had been waiting to get in that you know will show up and be on time.

Before I went out on my own again in Texas, I did work for a company that actually followed through with their cancellation policy, no-show policy, and late policy. Guess what? It wasn’t an issue, because they followed through. You don’t get paid if they aren’t stirring in your chair. You have bills to pay just like the client does.

Simple policy:

  • Credit card on file for all guests.
  • Late three times, same day appointment only. Service time must and will be cut if that is possible.
  • No show, walk-in only. Credit card on file, 100% charge for service.
  • Last minute cancellations, credit card on file 50% charge of service.

Yes, emergency’s come up. We all have them, but when it’s excessive you have to be the boss and do what needs to be done. You’re running a business, not a sidewalk lemonade stand.



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