Is it just a waste of money?

There are SO many products out there that promise great results, have amazing advertising and marketing strategies to sucker us all. You literally can throw away hundreds of dollars every year on crap that doesn’t deliver. There are a few products out there that do work, and deliver on their promise.

Let’s start with the famous BabyFoot™️; this exfoliating foot mask is the best on the market. Scented with the relaxing aroma of lavender, conveniently package in foot booties ready to slide on. If you have years of callus build up, like to run around outside with no shoes on, an avid swimmer or just simply want to maintain your pedicure, this mask is for you.

You will take an hour for yourself, and watch a dumb one hour tv show, or get pissed of watching the news. Within a few days, your skin starts to fall off, fall off some more and within this 14 day adventure – brand new baby feet. Not only does it work, the process will scare you, the results will be unbelievable.

BabyFoot is set at a low price around $18.00 on Amazon. Normally it runs $25.00 a box. Each box contains one mask, one time use only. (Not recommend to be used on skin with open wounds or athletes foot.)

Onto the next, A+D ointment! You might be thinking, “Why in the world would she be recommending diaper rash ointment?” Well, if you are diabetic or have severely cracked skin – A+D ointment will be your best friend. Use it as a 30 day treatment for cracked heals, cracked hands by applying nightly. Or as a daily necessity to keep that diabetic dryness away, that winter burn or treat those scaly feet from that summer filled pool fun!

Keep in mind, In order to repair the skin, you have to treat the skin first. Same goes with treating acne on the skin, you have to treat the skin before it can repair. (Or, is it the other way around?) I think we understand the message, right?

A+D Ointment is priced too low for this tube of magic at or around $3.99 on Amazon.

If you have these two Magic Potions tucked away in your Bathroom, your Feet and Hands will be on the right track to helping maintain your pedicure. One pedicure will not take away years of neglect, if it is your Nail Artist isn’t doing their job correctly. A quick fix never solves a problem, it simply “band-aids” the issue.

Do your skin a favor, repair then treat.



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The Nail Society

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