There are so many trends right now in our industry! I can barely keep up with all of them. I feel the trend changes every couple of days. One week foil is hot, next week it’s nail stamping, the following it’s water decals. Are you having the same problem? What are some ways you are staying up to date?

I’ve mapped out twice a week a plan, it’s not very well organized, but I’ll give it a shot and explain to you. I’m off two days a week, sometimes only one. Just depends on if I’m feeling generous to come in on a Sunday or Monday for a client. I really have to like them to do this. Anyways, so Sunday evenings I’ll troll a few accounts on Instagram and search my heart out on Pinterest.


  1. BundleMonster 🧟‍♂️ – The product they carry is extremely affordable. They are almost ahead of trends in some areas compared to other companies. So I look over their website to see what they have that’s New! In hopes, I can be ahead of what clients are wanting and have it on hand.
  2. Daily Charme ✨- You need a charm, they have them all. The quality is unbelievable for the price. They have from Lucky Cat 🐱 to a Milkshake with a straw coming out of it. If you’re like me and can’t draw everything or have clients that want the 3D look, they have you covered.
  3. WildFlowers Nail Academy 🌸 – Not just a Nail Academy, they also carry amazing, amazing; I’ll say it again, amazing glitter, brushes, stamping plates, etc…They also regularly post on Instagram, like BundleMonster. Staying up to date with them is easy.
  4. Young Nails, Inc 👊🏻 – Habib, Greg and Tracee are amazing Nail Artists. Where they draw inspiration from is so unique compared to other companies. The videos they do are fun, they go Live! almost now, on a daily basis. My salon, The Nail Society, we use 97% Young Nails, Inc. Product to daily essentials, can’t go wrong.


So after I go through my top accounts and see what they’ve posted that day or previous week, I find other ideas on Pinterest. The ideas I search on here are related to the next weird “how holiday” being celebrated. Or hey, June 1st is National Donut Day. Who doesn’t want a donut 🍩 Manicure? I’d be all over that. I try to look at what holidays are coming up, save a few, to draw my own inspiration from. Some I might copy entirely because they are so good, (make sure to always give credit, mark as an Inspo Manicure, if you aren’t sure say Pinterest Find) If you know, tag the person or salon in your post. People love the shout outs, as Artists we love inspiring others and being inspired ourselves.

Don’t be shy about your work, if your new to Nails or New to Nail Art. We all have to start somewhere. If it isn’t your strength say that in your post, who cares if it isn’t perfect. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a Da Vinci painting. Putting yourself out there, people will help guide you and make suggestions. Practice, practice, practice – it really works.

My friend Yubi, does amazing Nail Art, Enhancements and has the patience of a saint. I have always been so inspired by her, and still am today. I’m grateful for the five years of working side by side. I know I wouldn’t be the Nail Artist I am today if it wasn’t for her answering my one million questions. I am forever grateful for the knowledge she passed onto me.

If you find a way that works for you to stay on trend, have a Nail Artist you can reach out to, you will go far in your work. The idea is to not be jealous of each other, because in the end – we all deserve to make it.


GOSSIPGIRL… just kidding


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