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I remember the first pedicure and manicure I performed on my first day on the job. My hands were shaking, I was sweating in areas unknown to many, my heart was racing. I was so nervous I was speechless. If you know me, I am never speechless, I always have something to say – whether you want to hear it or not. I might have narcissistic tendencies…but we can never discuss that later.

Do you remember how your emotions played you that first time? Omg, you would have thought we were performing surgery! Over time, our hands become less shaky, your body temperature stays normal, and you learn how to carry on a conversation and still perform; all at the same time = multitasking! Some are not blessed with this skill…tragedy right? It really becomes second nature, and you fine tune everything you do throughout each step. I’m a very organized person, I have a place for everything when I’m working on a client or when I’m not, in theory. Does it stay that way during the service?? No, sometimes it looks like a mini tornado went through my working space, I really think a micro-climate is activated once they sit down. Then magically, when I’m done with the service, I clean up and everything goes back to normal. Vicious cycle.

We all have to find what works for us. How we set up our stations, how we do each task throughout the service, to how we finish off the appointment and say farewell, until next time! But how do we get help figuring this out? Hopefully you have a colleague that helps you, gives you advice, shows you the ropes, share you tricks of the trade that clients think we hide from them. BUT what if you don’t?! What if the person you sit next to 8-10 hours a day thinks of you as competition, the threat to end her business … she looks at you when you say, “Good Morning!” In return, silence. She ignores you, walks past you so fast, as if the red light is blinking at Krispy Kreme’s.

You have two choices.

  1. Ignore it, move on with life.
  2. Be the badass bitch she’s ever seen.

Whether you stay in one place your whole career, 5-7 years, or hop around shops until you find your comfy. There will always be some one who tries to slowly tear you down, speak badly of you, will assume you know nothing, and will think you will never amount to be anything in our industry. There will also be people in your life who insult your career choice, clients who treat you like you’re beneath them, and eventually someone will copy you because they aren’t confident. You will also come across other artists that don’t care about how they do things, how they perform each service, and have zero passion. Who you should care about is yourself and how your clients feel about you.

Networking outside of your work environment is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Go to shows, go to classes, join a online forum, find others on social media that are just as passionate as you are. There you will find, inside those walls…

  • Passion
  • Love
  • Commitment
  • Yearning for more
  • A zest like no other
  • Understanding
  • Industry Family

True story, I was told a couple of years ago by a newish Nail Artist that I was too passionate. “Um, ok….thanks?!?” At first, I took it as a slight jab, which it was on her part. But now, that shit is a compliment. Many comments have been made about me and my work over the years. Did I care at the time, yes. But only for a blitz second, then I moved on. I’ve been told, ” I’m just a nail girl…” No bitch, I’m not just anything. I am your Nail Girl, I am passionate and I am confident enough to handle each client that sits before me and which artist that sit nexts to me.

Being a Nail Artist, wasn’t just a job while going to college for something else, I wasn’t forced into this industry by a parent (or both). This is a passion, this is a choice. I have worked extremely hard, I’ve overcome some hurdles a long the way, and I live for each nail I make beautiful. This is a career I chose, and if you feel the same way…it will shine through in conversation, your body language, your overall attitude and each set of nails you do.

I’ll give out some advice, and yes it might be unwarranted, undeserving, or it might be just what you or your colleague needs. Your clients can tell when you don’t care about your job. Let that sink in…

Farewell, until next time.



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