I’m sure you’ve all realized just by your own search methods, Pinterest is the New Google. You all need to jump on the pin game…driving traffic to your Pinterest boards can in return help build your business, bring viewers to your blog, you’re online store and more. Back in the first week of May 2018, I cleaned up my Pinterest boards, put some in “Keep a Secret” mode and archived a few that I wasn’t pinning to regularly but needed for reference. My monthly viewers went from 200 to 45,000. No, I’m not lying my Boards speak for themselves.

So how did you drive more viewers?

Simple, same as the content you post on Instagram, or whichever social media you are using, needs to be relevant. Captivating your audience, pinning and posting regularly keeps your clients, followers, fans, readers engaged. (I’ve slacked on the Blog the past couple of weeks…sorry!) I also, organizing my board cover photos makes it have a cleaner look. See the photo below for reference ⬇️

If you have a board that’s all over place and really unorganized, isn’t relevant to the content on your Instagram or Blog, people aren’t going to necessarily want to look at your other platforms. So it’s simple…

  1. Organize your boards
  2. Give each board a clean, board cover.
  1. Pin what’s relevant to your content and other platforms.

  • Any one can do this in a short amount of time! So Hop to it…
  • XOXO 💋
  • Tabby
  • The Nail Society
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