A new love and appreciation…

I recently got to work the Indie Beauty Expo at Nieman Marcus; NorthPark, Dallas with my work wife and PRO MUA Aubrie Layne. I hadn’t worked an Expo/Trade show in years, it was fast paced, crazy, fun, early wake up calls, and long ass days. Would I do it again … yeah, but I need to catch up on some sleep first. Working 32 hours in two days, is so draining. Lets be real, we aren’t in our 20’s anymore and can live days on 4 hours of sleep each night. The one take away I have from the show, is how much I loved being thrown in to doing make-up, and surprisingly how fast I picked up everything Aubrie has taught me, or just watched her doing; so quickly. I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would be that comfortable with Make-Up color matching, application and teaching them everything they needed to know about Ellis Faas Cosmetics.




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I know nails like the back of my hand, and I now know Ellis Faas with as much confidence. I’ll give you the run down, her product is all liquid. Everything is interchangeable. Cheeks can be used on lips, lips can be used on eyes, eyes can be used on cheeks or lips, high-lights can be used all over the face .. the foundation is amazing coverage, and is buildable. The packaging is to do die for, the full face capsule, yes that capsule holds everything for your face AND can safely go through airport security. Aubrie has worked with this line for over 10 years, its popular amongst Celebs, Make-Up Artists and their clientele. I am shocked with how many years I have worked in the industry and am now in the past year just discovering this amazing line.

Check out her line, Lucky Cat Beauty, carries the entire collection.


Check back often as I try to be more diligent with updating you on fun stuff!






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