A new love and appreciation…

I recently got to work the Indie Beauty Expo at Nieman Marcus; NorthPark, Dallas with my work wife and PRO MUA Aubrie Layne. I hadn’t worked an Expo/Trade show in years, it was fast paced, crazy, fun, early wake up calls, and long ass days. Would I do it again … yeah, but I need to catch up on some sleep first. Working 32 hours in two days, is so draining. Lets be real, we aren’t in our 20’s anymore and can live days on 4 hours of sleep each night. The one take away I have from the show, is how much I loved being thrown in to doing make-up, and surprisingly how fast I picked up everything Aubrie has taught me, or just watched her doing; so quickly. I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would be that comfortable with Make-Up color matching, application and teaching them everything they needed to know about Ellis Faas Cosmetics.




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I know nails like the back of my hand, and I now know Ellis Faas with as much confidence. I’ll give you the run down, her product is all liquid. Everything is interchangeable. Cheeks can be used on lips, lips can be used on eyes, eyes can be used on cheeks or lips, high-lights can be used all over the face .. the foundation is amazing coverage, and is buildable. The packaging is to do die for, the full face capsule, yes that capsule holds everything for your face AND can safely go through airport security. Aubrie has worked with this line for over 10 years, its popular amongst Celebs, Make-Up Artists and their clientele. I am shocked with how many years I have worked in the industry and am now in the past year just discovering this amazing line.

Check out her line, Lucky Cat Beauty, carries the entire collection.


Check back often as I try to be more diligent with updating you on fun stuff!







I’m sure you’ve all realized just by your own search methods, Pinterest is the New Google. You all need to jump on the pin game…driving traffic to your Pinterest boards can in return help build your business, bring viewers to your blog, you’re online store and more. Back in the first week of May 2018, I cleaned up my Pinterest boards, put some in “Keep a Secret” mode and archived a few that I wasn’t pinning to regularly but needed for reference. My monthly viewers went from 200 to 45,000. No, I’m not lying my Boards speak for themselves.

So how did you drive more viewers?

Simple, same as the content you post on Instagram, or whichever social media you are using, needs to be relevant. Captivating your audience, pinning and posting regularly keeps your clients, followers, fans, readers engaged. (I’ve slacked on the Blog the past couple of weeks…sorry!) I also, organizing my board cover photos makes it have a cleaner look. See the photo below for reference ⬇️

If you have a board that’s all over place and really unorganized, isn’t relevant to the content on your Instagram or Blog, people aren’t going to necessarily want to look at your other platforms. So it’s simple…

  1. Organize your boards
  2. Give each board a clean, board cover.
  1. Pin what’s relevant to your content and other platforms.

  • Any one can do this in a short amount of time! So Hop to it…
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    Aging…or not?


    So this post has nothing to do with nails!

    What, but why? Well, skin is our largest organ, so taking care of it has always been an obsession of mine. I’m almost 37 years old, ew, but on a weekly basis, at least 4 or 5 clients think I’m in my late twenties. I know genes can play a factor, but taking care of what you’ve been given, plays an even bigger one!

    My Skin Type:

    I have oily skin in my t-zone and dryness in other areas. Occasionally, I do break out (crimson wave time), but other than that my skin stays pretty clear. Living previously, in North Carolina and now Texas, I battled EXTREME oily skin issues. I really do feel I have tried about 60% of the current market of skin products. From Dermatologist recommendations, organic, all-natural, over-the-counter, high end professional lines, MLM…you name it, I’ve at one point used it.

    One thing I did remember from an Esthetician I work with, it takes six weeks for your skin to purge when switching products. The reason behind it is the molecules that professional products carry are smaller, and actually get into the pore and pull out all that nasty. So you will see breakouts, more oil production, because its cleaning you out. Over-the-counter products, the molecules are bigger and only treat the surface of the skin. So using something like Proactiv (which I was a monthly subscriber) only treats the surface. Where as, using something like Skinceuticals, Dr. Brandt, Vivier, Cosmedix…it repairs the skin, deep into the large pores that we all hate. You have to treat the problem first, before repairing can begin. Think of repairing, as being acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation or sun damage.

    I have finally after years of struggling, found a regimen that worked for me, extremely well. My skin is clear, hyper-pigmentation: gone, sun-damage: gone, acne scars, only a couple left and my oil production is back down to a normal healthy level. So what did I do? I had a skin transplant…obvi.

    J/K ok, first things first:

    • I change my pillow case every other night,  and I only use flannel. Soft on the skin, and doesn’t tug and pull it. Not to mention, they have sheep on them, hello who doesn’t want that?
    • I remove all my make-up with Shiseido Cleansing Oil, can be purchased from Nordstrom. It’s a little pricey, BUT its not going to clog your pores, and it removes waterproof makeup and sunscreens. It is priced at $33.00 and has Free Shipping!
    • I wash my face TWICE a day, (and sorry face wipes are not washing your face).
      • The VivierSkin cleanser I use it straight up amazing. My skin isn’t tight after cleansing, which is important to note. Skin tight is over drying, thus your skin will produce more oil to hydrate what you’ve stripped. Its not overly priced, a good size for the value, and a little goes a long way (professional anything, is more concentrated, less is more). Priced at $36.50, and can be purchased from Dermastore.

    It is important for me to stress, avoid buying professional products through unauthorized distributors/online stores. Unfortunately, the expiration date of these products are usually past due or diluted down with alcohol. You want to purchase items such as what I’m listing, from authorized distributors. Reason being, active ingredients only last so long…if your want to fix your skin, using something expired will do you no good. VivierSkin stands behind their product, and you would want to buy it from a company that will stand behind what they are selling.

    • I also use the VivierSkin Refreshing toner, the name speaks for itself. My skin feels, lets say balanced. Its not to dry, and doesn’t still feel greasy. If you suffer from oily skin, you know what I am talking about! It too, is priced at $36.50, remember a little goes a long way.

    Eye cream…hitting that mid-thirty range, you see some thin little lines popping up around that orbital area that send your stomach dropping. Its begun, the aging process. So, the search for eye creams we go. I didn’t want one to compromise my pores, and the longevity of my eye make-up.

    • Did some research, and went with It! Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream. I’ve been using it for 8 weeks now, and have about 3 weeks left in the jar. A little goes a long way, it drys very quickly, and doesn’t leave an oily residue on my eye area. I felt for the weight of product, the reputation of the brand, the price was perfect $38.00 and can be purchased at Ulta!

    Over the years I’ve used so many moisturizers, and would top them off with foundation, translucent powders and setting sprays to hide the shine. All of these layers though, really made my skin more oily and had major breakouts. You can use a great cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and ruin all of the work. So, I switched to a tinted moisturizer. Does it have the same coverage as foundation? Yes, the one I have used since moving to Texas (4 years ago) is the best.

    • It! Cosmetics, has produced some high quality products over the years, and I cant speak more highly of their products. I know, I know, its over-the-counter. But to find a tinted moisturizer in your skin shade, can be hard. I’m always in between what I was finding in professional brands. It was either too light, or pulled orange on my skin. This is neither, AND IT treats your skin as well. So in the morning, the Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+ priced at $39.50, I was sold.

    Treating those fine lines and wrinkles, masking, exfoliating…what is a human to do? Well, for starters monthly facials, you can never go wrong. Starting as early on as possible. If its not in your budget, here’s some amazing products that can give you, almost, the same results.

    • I have used for 12 years, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. priced at $79.00. YES, its expensive however, the crystals mixed in with the other amazing ingredients, are the same crystals used in a Microdermabrasion treatment from a Spa or Salon. You only use this once a week. If you go over board with this product, you will irritate your skin. This does not replace receiving this treatment in a professional setting, because the machine is going to do a far better job than doing this with your fingers. Follow the directions, this stuff is amazing. Take a before picture….then four weeks later take another. You will be amazed with your results.

    For masking away all my worries, I do get monthly Facials, and every other month I do the Hydrafacial. I work in this industry so trading services comes with ease. I leave the masking up to her and what she feels is best. So what if again, not in the budget. Well, Kate Somerville has give you the Hollywood 2-minute facial. Her store is tucked back into the quant Beverly Hills and WeHo line,, next to my fav Marc Jacobs. Not only does this give you a mask, it also exfoliates.

    • The academy goes to, ExfoliKate priced at $75.00 , (don’t you just love the name drop in there?) The tingling you will feel, is so refreshing, the glow your skin will have is full of dew like the morning time, on a green grassy knoll in Ireland. Too much?

    Nightly Routine, Nerium. It’s all you need, this nightly mask, I have used it for six years. I will never stop buying it as long as they make it, if they stop I will succumb and get a face lift. I don’t partake in the selling of it, I’m just a lover of the product. You can buy it directly from their site, you do not have to go through a rep and get sucked into a MLM. It’s the best nightly routine EVER.

    So this is everything. This allows my skin to look and feel like I’m still 22….but pushing 40. Share with me products you love. We’re all junkies here.

    XOXO 💋


    The Nail Society

    Ole Henriksen

    In due time…Part

    I remember the first pedicure and manicure I performed on my first day on the job. My hands were shaking, I was sweating in areas unknown to many, my heart was racing. I was so nervous I was speechless. If you know me, I am never speechless, I always have something to say – whether you want to hear it or not. I might have narcissistic tendencies…but we can never discuss that later.

    Do you remember how your emotions played you that first time? Omg, you would have thought we were performing surgery! Over time, our hands become less shaky, your body temperature stays normal, and you learn how to carry on a conversation and still perform; all at the same time = multitasking! Some are not blessed with this skill…tragedy right? It really becomes second nature, and you fine tune everything you do throughout each step. I’m a very organized person, I have a place for everything when I’m working on a client or when I’m not, in theory. Does it stay that way during the service?? No, sometimes it looks like a mini tornado went through my working space, I really think a micro-climate is activated once they sit down. Then magically, when I’m done with the service, I clean up and everything goes back to normal. Vicious cycle.

    We all have to find what works for us. How we set up our stations, how we do each task throughout the service, to how we finish off the appointment and say farewell, until next time! But how do we get help figuring this out? Hopefully you have a colleague that helps you, gives you advice, shows you the ropes, share you tricks of the trade that clients think we hide from them. BUT what if you don’t?! What if the person you sit next to 8-10 hours a day thinks of you as competition, the threat to end her business … she looks at you when you say, “Good Morning!” In return, silence. She ignores you, walks past you so fast, as if the red light is blinking at Krispy Kreme’s.

    You have two choices.

    1. Ignore it, move on with life.
    2. Be the badass bitch she’s ever seen.

    Whether you stay in one place your whole career, 5-7 years, or hop around shops until you find your comfy. There will always be some one who tries to slowly tear you down, speak badly of you, will assume you know nothing, and will think you will never amount to be anything in our industry. There will also be people in your life who insult your career choice, clients who treat you like you’re beneath them, and eventually someone will copy you because they aren’t confident. You will also come across other artists that don’t care about how they do things, how they perform each service, and have zero passion. Who you should care about is yourself and how your clients feel about you.

    Networking outside of your work environment is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Go to shows, go to classes, join a online forum, find others on social media that are just as passionate as you are. There you will find, inside those walls…

    • Passion
    • Love
    • Commitment
    • Yearning for more
    • A zest like no other
    • Understanding
    • Industry Family

    True story, I was told a couple of years ago by a newish Nail Artist that I was too passionate. “Um, ok….thanks?!?” At first, I took it as a slight jab, which it was on her part. But now, that shit is a compliment. Many comments have been made about me and my work over the years. Did I care at the time, yes. But only for a blitz second, then I moved on. I’ve been told, ” I’m just a nail girl…” No bitch, I’m not just anything. I am your Nail Girl, I am passionate and I am confident enough to handle each client that sits before me and which artist that sit nexts to me.

    Being a Nail Artist, wasn’t just a job while going to college for something else, I wasn’t forced into this industry by a parent (or both). This is a passion, this is a choice. I have worked extremely hard, I’ve overcome some hurdles a long the way, and I live for each nail I make beautiful. This is a career I chose, and if you feel the same way…it will shine through in conversation, your body language, your overall attitude and each set of nails you do.

    I’ll give out some advice, and yes it might be unwarranted, undeserving, or it might be just what you or your colleague needs. Your clients can tell when you don’t care about your job. Let that sink in…

    Farewell, until next time.

    XOXO 💋


    The Nail Society

    The Nail Society


    Beauty Brands

    Acrylic Dip, pros and cons…

    I have to say I’m on board the Acrylic Dip train; if it’s done correctly. I think, what it came back almost 2.5 years ago? I might be wrong, could be longer. I do remember testing a few brands in the beginning and walked away from it, as I absolutely hated the process. It was too thick, clumpy, the top coat wasn’t shiny and the process of removal was the biggest headache. I seriously didn’t have time for that crap. I kept watching videos on Brand sites, YouTube, talked to a few nail techs. I even paid to have it done by Nail Artists who seemed to master the process.

    It has its Pros & Cons though, this service isn’t for everyone or every type of nail. It also may not be for every Nail Artist out there. I’m not here to speak badly of any brands out there. The brand you choose is backed by how you feel the quality is, ease of use, the color palettes, and convenience of purchasing or simply what’s available in your area if you don’t do online ordering.

    So lets go over the Pro’s…

    1. It has no odor. Do I even need to list anything else?
    2. It’s thinner than traditional Acrylic (unless you like that chunky nail look…)
    3. Color chipping isn’t an issue (unless you are purposely scraping your nails on the sidewalk …)
    4. The process is quick to apply.
    5. Soak-Off time is less than 30minutes.
    6. The product I use the, Slick-Pour, can be used as traditional Acrylic color. With the “brush then monomer, then lay on the nail method.”
    7. Acrylic Dip can be used as an overlay on the natural nail or with a tip extension.
    8. An Electric isn’t always necessary, and if it is used PROPERLY, is perfectly safe.
    9. The Top Coat with this system is shiny, and dries in the time advertised.

    Now for the con’s…

    1. If the Nail Artist is Dipping your Nail I to the pot of acrylic dip, bacteria is being introduced EVERY SINGLE TIME. So if they have used that color on 30 other people that week, you are being dipped into all of their germs. Combined. Bacteria breading while the lid is closed after being used. Cooking on a hot summer day, or during the night when the a/c is bumped up to 80 because the place is closed … little particles of bacteria being trapped in between each layer they dip, then base coat, then dip, base coat, dip, base coat…activate. It’s a nightmare. Be prepared to say hello to a little green friend.
    2. Not everyone’s nails are strong enough to have the prep and removal process done every three weeks. Unlike its cousin, traditional Acrylic, it has to be removed and no back-fill is performed.
    3. The prep and process bottles become very funky, sometimes hard to open…proper storage and care is a must to keep them clean and usable.
    4. This line offers limited colors, compared to others as it hasn’t been out as long.

    I can’t think of any other cons, and as I’m typing this another pro popped into my head. Or did I really just want to save the best for last … guess you’ll never know.

    But how do I know if it’s being prepped and removed properly?

    Prep is extremely important, just as the removal process. As with anything being put in the nail this is where the most damage can occur.

    Steps for Prep:

    1 Sanitize hands, remove any nail polish. Trim nails if needed and shape as desired with a 240 grit nail File.

    2 Dip the tip of the Pusher into a small amount of cuticle remover of choice. (I use Footlogix Callus Softener as my remover.) Push back the eponychium to reveal the true cuticle. Gently remove residue wits lint free nail wipe.

    3 Use the Dexterity side of cuticle pusher to remove excess non- living tissue. Remove any hangnails and remaining non- living tissue with cuticle pusher.

    4 Lightly buff the nail surface with the 220-grit side of nail buffer.Remove dust and cleanse nail with a nail cleanser of choice. I use Swipe by Young Nails.

    5 Apply one coat of Step 1 “prep” to each nail and allow to dry.

    As you can see, pre of dip is extremely different than traditional Acrylic. If an E-File Drill is being used, this is ok, as long as it is being used correctly.

    Removal process is really easy.

    1 Using a 180 grit nail file, gently buff the top coat and part of the first layer of color. There should be no shine left on the nail and free edge. Repeat on all nails.

    2. Place one drop of cuticle oil onto each nail. Wrap each nail with Nail Foil, cotton and removal method.

    3. After 10mins of soaking, check to make sure the cotton hasn’t dried out, it it has add a little more remover. (I usually do three pumps onto the cotton and this is good the entire removal process.)

    4. Less than 20mins (this is the total soaking time.) later the Acrylic Dip slide right off the nail. Filing it off with a nail file with weaken the nail, soak again if it doesn’t slide off.

    Soaking in a bowel or acetone is unnecessary, extremely drying to the skin and nail when being done every three weeks. If this is being done, this is not correct.

    Don’t be afraid to speak up!

    The Slick-Pour system, is designed to be poured onto the nail…

    This offers great control in application, and prevents cross-contamination, because you pour it onto the nail over a disposal sample cup.

    Hello, who wouldn’t want this method???

    Just another great system out there, that’s a fit for the right person, right Nail and the right Nail Artist to offer. I have to think that people who mostly leave negative reviews about Dip either weren’t properly trained on the system they chose or it just isn’t the right service for themselves and clients.

    So take this info either with a grain of salt or quickly leave this page and go online and buy all the Slick-Pours from Young Nails. Your choice.

    XOXO 💋


    The Nail Society


    There are so many trends right now in our industry! I can barely keep up with all of them. I feel the trend changes every couple of days. One week foil is hot, next week it’s nail stamping, the following it’s water decals. Are you having the same problem? What are some ways you are staying up to date?

    I’ve mapped out twice a week a plan, it’s not very well organized, but I’ll give it a shot and explain to you. I’m off two days a week, sometimes only one. Just depends on if I’m feeling generous to come in on a Sunday or Monday for a client. I really have to like them to do this. Anyways, so Sunday evenings I’ll troll a few accounts on Instagram and search my heart out on Pinterest.


    1. BundleMonster 🧟‍♂️ – The product they carry is extremely affordable. They are almost ahead of trends in some areas compared to other companies. So I look over their website to see what they have that’s New! In hopes, I can be ahead of what clients are wanting and have it on hand.
    2. Daily Charme ✨- You need a charm, they have them all. The quality is unbelievable for the price. They have from Lucky Cat 🐱 to a Milkshake with a straw coming out of it. If you’re like me and can’t draw everything or have clients that want the 3D look, they have you covered.
    3. WildFlowers Nail Academy 🌸 – Not just a Nail Academy, they also carry amazing, amazing; I’ll say it again, amazing glitter, brushes, stamping plates, etc…They also regularly post on Instagram, like BundleMonster. Staying up to date with them is easy.
    4. Young Nails, Inc 👊🏻 – Habib, Greg and Tracee are amazing Nail Artists. Where they draw inspiration from is so unique compared to other companies. The videos they do are fun, they go Live! almost now, on a daily basis. My salon, The Nail Society, we use 97% Young Nails, Inc. Product to daily essentials, can’t go wrong.


    So after I go through my top accounts and see what they’ve posted that day or previous week, I find other ideas on Pinterest. The ideas I search on here are related to the next weird “how holiday” being celebrated. Or hey, June 1st is National Donut Day. Who doesn’t want a donut 🍩 Manicure? I’d be all over that. I try to look at what holidays are coming up, save a few, to draw my own inspiration from. Some I might copy entirely because they are so good, (make sure to always give credit, mark as an Inspo Manicure, if you aren’t sure say Pinterest Find) If you know, tag the person or salon in your post. People love the shout outs, as Artists we love inspiring others and being inspired ourselves.

    Don’t be shy about your work, if your new to Nails or New to Nail Art. We all have to start somewhere. If it isn’t your strength say that in your post, who cares if it isn’t perfect. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a Da Vinci painting. Putting yourself out there, people will help guide you and make suggestions. Practice, practice, practice – it really works.

    My friend Yubi, does amazing Nail Art, Enhancements and has the patience of a saint. I have always been so inspired by her, and still am today. I’m grateful for the five years of working side by side. I know I wouldn’t be the Nail Artist I am today if it wasn’t for her answering my one million questions. I am forever grateful for the knowledge she passed onto me.

    If you find a way that works for you to stay on trend, have a Nail Artist you can reach out to, you will go far in your work. The idea is to not be jealous of each other, because in the end – we all deserve to make it.

    XOXO 💋

    GOSSIPGIRL… just kidding


    The Nail Society